New Castle County CISM Team - Welcome
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The mission of the New Castle County Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team is to provide a systematic approach to the mitigation of stress responses for emergency services personnel having been exposed to, or showing signs of, critical incident stress experience in the line of duty.  A critical incident can be any situation which causes the emergency services worker to experience strong emotional reactions which have the potential to interfere with their ability to function at the scene or later.
The following are examples of incidents that might result in a New Castle County CISM Team Response:
  • Major disaster/mass casualties.
  • Serious injury, line of duty death or suicide of emergency services personnel.
  • Serious injury or death of civilian resulting from emergency services operations.
  • Death or serious injury of a child.
  • Multiple fatality incidents.
  • Any incident which attracts large scale media attention.
  • Loss of life following unusual or extremely prolonged expenditure of emotional and physical energy from emergency services personnel.
  • Any unusual incident in which the potential for an immediate or delayed emotional response is high.
  • Accumulating stress reactions over long periods of time, after involvement in many previous critical incidents.
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